Recommended Spots

Recommended Spots

Area : Obihiro

Tonta (a bowl of rice topped with teriyaki pork)


Regular holiday
〒080-0810 帯広市東10条南17丁目2
2, E10-S17, Obhiro, Hokkaido

The pork is specially cooked with a house sauce that the owner has been preparing for more than 30 years. The meat is treated to make it soft. Choose from the loin, tenderloin or back ribs.

Bus Packages

Tokachi Bus
Package name Tonta
Course Obihiro Station Bus Terminal → Higashi 4-jo 16-chome or Higashi 8-jo 16-chome → Obihiro Station Bus Terminal
Package fee Adults: 1,220 yen; children: 1,040 yen
Package details Round-trip bus ticket, Tonta's pork bowl