How to Ride a Bus & Taxi

How to Ride a Bus and Taxi

How to Ride a Taxi

About taxi service in JapanAbout taxi service in Japan

Every taxi is using a publicly authorized fare meter
that always shows valid fares. No tip is required.

Details of fare charges:

  1. i)Minimum fare (same within the area), within 1,400 m
  2. ii)The fare that is charged by time (every 1 min. 30 sec.)
    and distance (every 249 m) will be added to the minimum fare.
  3. iii)The charge will be increased by 20% to the ride from 22:00 to 05:00.
Charges by taxi car type:

How to find a taxi:

  1. 1)Take a taxi at the taxi stand in the airport or beside a JR station.
  2. 2)Stop a taxi on the street. Just raise your hand. When a taxi is free, a light on the left to the driver is on.
  3. 3)Reservations

How to ride a taxi:

Ride from the rear door which opens automatically.
When you have a large baggage, ask the driver to put it in the trunk.
Some taxies cannot handle credit cards. Confirm credit card usability before ride.

For your smooth travel by taxi

Tell the driver your destination first.
Showing a guide book or map to identify your destination will be helpful for the driver
because some drivers cannot speak English. Fasten your seat belt during the ride.
Note that even a temporary stop of the taxi on the way will also be charged.


Pay the fare shown on the meter.
Picking up the taxi company's PR card will be recommended in case.

Taxi fares (In the case of Small Taxi)